September Night :
My personal tribute to Cliff Burton, first Metallica bassist and a god of bass guitar like we have no more.
He left too early, in a tragic bus accident on a September 1986 night. He was only 24...
RIP, Cliff.
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Stand Proud :
My new song, still being prepared, but coming very soon!

Click YouTube link below for 1min30 preview!!
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On That Damn Night :
A very sad night, the worst memory of this man, who tells it with still a lot of emotion...

My fourth composition, in English, is a bit dark, and far from the bits of humor of some previous ones.
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Pillow Story :
A rather special love story. A statement ... to his pillow!

My first really achieved composition, a musical success thanks in particular to the collaboration of other artists.
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Rien Compris :
Despite all the love that we have for a person during his/her lifetime, if we don't show it enough, regrets will remain...

My third composition, written from my own experience after the death of my grandmother, when I realized to what extent the passing of time takes us and can make us miss essential things.
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I don't care :
This guy is desperately facing his girlfriend's lack of interrest, despite fact that he would infinitely need her aside him...

My second composition, which humoristicly images a situation where love is not enough and one can neverthless feel lonely despite an engaged relashionship.
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Self Esteem :
The song that I spent my teenagehood headbanging on!! My favourite song of one of my favourite band ever :)

This verion is completely different, both by the jazzy rythm I brought in and the whistling during chorus that make this .... special :)

Original "Self Esteem" song by The Offspring, published by Epitaph on album "Smash" in 1995.
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Octobre :
The famous French song, reworked for a very different rhythm, phrasing and instrumentation.

Original song "Octobre" by Francis Cabrel, published by Sony Music on the album "Samedi soir sur la Terre" in 1994.
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Land of Magic :
An epic instrumental track, originally guitar-only from Sylvain Grew, I reworked it to add drums, bass and lead guitar, and restructure it. The final result after mix and mastering is great.

Original track from Sylvain Grew can be heard HERE.
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We Are One :
A unifying song by Sylvain Grew , originally just on guitar and vocals. I added lead guitar, drums and bass, and slightly reworked its structure. Mixing and mastering completed the result.

The original track from Sylvain Grew can be heard HERE .
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Waiting :
This excellent song originally from Yoga Priyatama was only voice on guitar strumming, so I decided to rework it: addition of drums, bass and lead guitar. result after mastering is really nice to listen to.

Original track from Yoga Priyatama can be heard HERE.
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Luchki Fighting Spirit :
This was originally an electronic track from Monstrazor, which I decided to completely play wit hreal instruments. This heavy instrumental is made of Guitar, Bass and Drums. 100% home-made, from recording to mastering.

Original track from Monstrazor can be heard HERE.
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Gaudete :
A lovely acoustic solo-guitar piece from a medieval Carol as made famous by Steeleye Span. Initially played by Martin Howard, I added bass and drums to it, and finalized the mastering.

Original track from Martin Howard can be heard HERE.
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Pillow Story - feat. Alison Starling :
Alisson Starling's interpretation of my song "Pillow Story".
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La Paix (Me cherches pas) - Feat. Maja :
Maja DaMoon's interpretation of her own text, on a spin-off of my song "I don't care!".
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