My new song: "Stand Proud" Lyrics:


I always feel on the wrong side.
Never care or never mind,
I should accept me as I am.
But I hate what I see,
When I dare to look at me,
My face is just so creepy.
If only I was not the one
Of whom others always have fun.
I fear one day I'll take a gun.

  Stand proud
  And show them who you are
  Hang on
  These haters will get bored
  There's sun
  Inside of everyone
  Stand proud
  Keep shouting it out loud

Shame is burning deep inside,
Rage is close, it lives aside,
I hate all these damn bastards.
But they're right when they say
I'm just a dwarf. I'm born this way,
And my nightmare won't go away.
If it's a pure matter of size,
Why can't I just be like these guys,
I'm fed up that they criticize.


Everyone has different tastes,
That's what my mom always states,
And I keep telling my classmates.
But despite that, they don't care,
They keep laughing, that's not fair.
I love to dance, I know that's rare.
If only I was not a boy,
They would for sure let me enjoy,
I wouldn't feel like I'm destroyed.


Stand Proud!
Stand Proud!
Stand Proud!
Stand Proud!

Keep shouting it out loud.
I'm still working on mastering, but it's coming!
Check out some excerpts from "Stand Proud" , my last title in the " Making-of " video below: